Elementary Grades

1st-5th Grade

Our elementary learning experience is filled with the excitement of discovering information, exploring possibilities, and becoming more confident in self-expression. Recognizing that students learn in numerous ways, students are encouraged to participate and share their knowledge through the arts: creative movement, drama, music, poetry, art, and storytelling. Our curriculum is dynamic, Christian centered, and sparks the imagination igniting!

As our students progress our curriculum encourages independent thinking to learn more about our world, our global community, and ourselves. Individual growth and personal development is emphasized to promote organizational skills necessary for success while staying focused on our Christian values and beliefs.

Saint Mary-Sacred Heart School follows the standardized learning outcomes that have been established by committees of expert Catholic school leaders and teachers, and reviewed by the Catholic Schools Office.  You can read of the standardized learning outcomes as part of their academic resources through their website.

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Saints Athletics

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