There are so many reasons for families to choose SMSH...

Faith Filled

Our Saints, and our school community, are learning to find and follow God in all things.  As children on their faith journey, they become increasingly aware of God’s love for them.  With guidance each will come to understand the teachings of Jesus and of the Catholic Church.  Our Saints learn to communicate with God through prayer and participation in our spiritual and liturgical community.

Holistic Education

Our Saints are eager to learn!  They acknowledge they do not know all the answers to every question, but are curious and excited to when finding them.  Our Saints imagine, question, investigate, explore, and celebrate things that are new and different.  They are willing to take healthy risks to learn more about our World.

Distinguished Academics

Our Saints are students who are learning to think critically.  They work hard to grasp both tangible and intangible concepts.  At all grade levels our Saints take responsibility for their learning and express themselves through their words and actions.  They use technology to support their learning, to problem solve, and to communicate with their community.  Our Saints are constantly discovering their intellectual skills and advancing their academics to prepare them for, not only the next lesson, the next grade, or their next school, but life beyond.

Community of Families

Our Saints, our school community, and our families, know that we are joined by other families of God on this journey.  Together we celebrate successes and learn from our challenges.  Our partnership is sacred, as we work together to socially, academically, and spiritually prepare our Saints to live out the Gospel.

Service and Values

Our Saints, and our school community, understand that every person is loved by God and therefore is to be loved and respected.  They work to become concerned and responsible person for other through their words, actions, service, good works, and prayer.