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Grade 3

Wednesday, 5-23-18 Spelling, Religion, gym

Spelling: 8 sentences   The spelling test will be tomorrow

The reading test will be given next week.

Religion:  We will be having a vocabulary religion test tomorrow.  We have been practicing in class for several days.  I have given the students a list of vocabulary words that they can use to review the meanings of the words.  They all should have brought their religion book home.

Gym class tomorrow

Math:  the students do not have any math homework tonight.   After lunch we reviewed the 10-9 homework.  We completed each problem and talked about how drawing a picture can help to understand the problem and how to read each question.  Tomorrow we will review some of the practice test.  The students will take home the second half.  The math test will be given on Friday.

I will need tissues for the classroom because of colds and allergies.  Thank you for your help.



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