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Grade 3

Thursday 6-6-18 Religion, Reading

Religion:  We did not get to our religion test today.  I will give the students another night to study.  Please review the notes on yesterdays homework about the questions they will need to write about for the test.

Reading Workbook:  pages 399 and 400

Dress down days will be starting on Monday.  Please refer to the handbook for appropriate attire.  Students should not wear stretch pants, not spaghetti straps for tank tops, shorts must be knee length.

Next week I will be working on the Rosary with the students.  I have ask the students to bring in rosary beads if they have some.

We will also be making an end of the year book.  I will be giving them some pictures for this book.  They may also bring in pictures from home.  These pictures should be from some event while they were a third grader.  It does not have to be a school picture.  The pictures can be from anytime or event that happened between June 2017 to June 2018.

For this end of the year project, each child will need 2 large brown grocery bags.  It can have words on the bag.  We will be cutting the bag to make the booklet.

Thank you


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