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Grade 3

Thursday 5-31-18 reading, math, gym clothes

Reading work pages 393 and 394

I will be giving the phonic,vocabulary and writing piece of the story.


Math: 11-3 practice and reteaching

The third grade girls will be wearing gym uniforms tomorrow They will also bring in the signed permission slip which is needed to go on the Girl Scout field trip.

The boys may wear gym uniforms or school uniforms or if they have a no uniform pass they may also choose to use that pass.

Next week, I would like to work with the third graders on how to say the rosary.  I have asked the students to bring rosary  beads to class.  Please do not bring in beads that are very special.  I do not want any special beads to get damaged or lost.  If you do not have any beads then please do not go buy any.  The lesson can still be completed without beads.

Thank you




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